Diary entry 021019

Learning about each other helps us understand the challenges we have including the different types of stress, issues with family and friends and the list goes on.

This week we did not have heat in our house for 3 days, I ordered an igniter online and then I decided to go to the store and spend 66 dollars so I could get the heat on sooner than waiting four days. When I got to the shop they tested the old part and it was non functional so when I got the new part installed I assumed it would solve my furnace problem. I replaced it and the furnace still shut off after the igniter created a flame so I was told most likely the flame detector was bad so the next day I bought one of those for 25 dollars and the heat was finally back on. All of this to avoid paying a service company to come to my home. Does that make me frugal or cheap?

Last week I was also called out to a South Salt Lake death by the SSL Police department and when I arrived I found the wife and the seven year old daughter of the man who had passed away. The mother believes in God although she does not practice any religion so we spoke about her husband and I spoke with her daughter but what she really needed at the moment was a babysitter to watch her daughter while she showered which I did at the same time washing the dishes. It was not talking about God at that moment that she needed it was a simple service of washing her dishes.

This past week at work I found out that one of the jobs I sold last year for 60K was going to cancel right before the installation so I will be losing commissions as well as a bonus I was already paid for last year. One of the other salesmen said if that happened to him he might as well turn in his car keys and leave that moment. That is the policy where it becomes a payback if the account has not been active for a year after the installation. So my numbers will go into the negative until I sell another large job or a bunch of small ones. This type of situation creates stress and you deal with it and keep going.

This past week i knelt down to put air in a tire and when I stood up my left knee began to hurt quite badly with sharp pains and I have had those pains since Tuesday although it seems to be getting better now a bit at a time. I won’t go to the doctor because every time we go the doctor just guesses like he does with my wife and nothing really gets resolved so the trust I have in doctors is not a lot.

This past week we went to see the MAYA exhibit at the museum which as very nice and we also went out to eat at Ombu a Korean place and it was very nice indeed. We bought my favorite Japanese cheese cake yesterday and a block of fudge.

We went to another oriental store and bought food so we could make a nice dinner today and it turned out well. We eat food from many different countries here at the love home.