Assisting the community

Recently a neighbor of mine received notification from law enforcement thát their 15 year old daughter was killed in a car accident, the agency did not show up with a chaplain. They gave the notification, provided a case number and the contact information for the medical examiners office and left. Sometimes law enforcement needs to notify the family and they can’t get a Chaplain in time. When Chaplains are used there is an extra level of assistance that is provided that normally the police cannot provide. Police officers normally do not pray with people, they do not hug people or hold their hand and depending on circumstances Chaplains can provide additional services.

I found out and went over to the home, this is a Spanish speaking home and i was able to contact their religious leaders, leave specific information for them which goes through step by step information to help them with this difficult time and just be there. I went back the next day to follow up and i went to the viewing and family gathering later that week. 

When the police include a chaplain they can give the death notification, leave the chaplain onsite and go on with their duties. Chaplains can help notify family members and religious leaders,, go over what options they have and what will happen next. With Unified police we also respond with a victims advocate and together we can assist the family whether they are religious or not. I am a nondenominational volunteer Chaplain.  



When we don’t get involved and just go to work and home the community does not improve like it could when we all strive to help each other out.