PE CAD Drawings

Understand that a PE is exactly that a Professional Engineer so you will get what you pay for.

When you pay an engineer for CAD drawings of your building and a professional fire alarm design or camera design you can then put the project out to bid because the drawings will be to scale and the specifications will list exactly what you are looking for.

In IBC 907.1 and NFPA 72 7.44 to 7.5 you will find the requirements that are needed for fire alarm drawings.

Some of those items that need to be listed on the plans are as follows:

Occupancy groups

Type of Construction: Wood, metal, brick

Stories: Over one story requires you to use FPLP cable and three will require elevator recall and when the building is 75 feet high it will require voice evac and there are additional requirements that change.

Is the building fire sprinkled?

Square footage of the building

Plans include the address, show a riser, appliances, devices, plans have a north arrow

Plans need to indicate the type of room such as restroom, conference room, office etc…

All horn/strobes need to have the cd listed such as 15,30, 75 etc…

Wiring diagram specific to the project

Battery and voltage line drop calculations

Conductor type and sizes

Sequence of operations chart: