Pricing fire alarm systems

Once we have the answers to these questions we can price out your fire alarm projects.

Simple systems will only require answers to the first set of information and for more complicated systems we will need additional information.

  1. We need to know how many points the system needs to expand to. 60, 120, 200+

  2. Is a remote annunciator required?

  3. How many smoke detectors are required?

  4. How many pull stations are required?

  5. How many horn/strobes or speaker strobes are required?

  6. How many strobes for restrooms or other rooms will be required?

  7. How many monitor modules will be required to monitor the fire sprinkler system? Flows, Tampers, PIV, Pressure, Antifreeze systems, pumps etc…

  8. How will you monitor the fire alarm via 2 analog phone lines or via radio or cellular?

  9. Will any CO detectors be required?

  10. Will flame detectors be required?

  11. Will any explosion proof devices or appliances be required?

  12. This is a simple list so when you provide a specification and complete plans we can bid out the fire alarm projects for you.

It depends on several factors as to how many and what type of appliances or devices will be needed.

A. Occupancy type, Occupancy, building type, square footage, fire sprinkler system, fire suppression systems etc…

B. Are there any dampers that need to be controlled?

C. Are there any roof top units that are over 2000 cfm that have duct detectors that need to be monitored?

D. Are there any access control doors that need to be released when the fire alarm system activates?

E. IBC, NFPA, ADA and R710 code will determine exact requirements.

F. Money will need to be added to test the fire alarm and for submittals as well as plans and a CAD design.

If we only bid out some of the equipment and additional items are required by the Fire Marshal or by the owner we will need to do a change order to add equipment.

If the building will be fully sprinkled this will change the requirements of the system

If the building is not sprinkled much more equipment will be needed.

Facilities such as daycares have additional requirements found in the code.