When you do maintenance on a fire alarm system you may not have to do drawings and submitals.

This means you could replace the panel, the smokes, the pulls, the horn/strobes etc….

When you do maintenance you replace existing equipment but don’t add or delete anything without getting fire marshal approval.

Owners also need to consider insurance requirements. When a fire occurs if the system has code issues or was not installed properly or maintained properly the insurance companies will often deny payments.

I have seen systems that were not properly connected to the fire sprinkler system and not monitored.

Just this week I opened an elevator and pressed the elevator phone call button. It was dead it was not monitored. Normally you need an analog phone line tied to the system if you don’t have one Peak can help by installing a cellular phone that connects to the elevator phone for $49 per month or $15 per month tied to analog elevator phone line.

Peak Alarm can also install a high supervision cellular communicator to monitor the fire alarm control panel for $49 per month or $25 per month when the fire panel is connected to 2 analog phone lines. (Not VOIP not digital lines)