What are the benefits of camera analytics?

Did you know that you can set up camera analytics to tell if someone is hanging around a certain area too long? This is the loitering analytics option.

One example of how this can help you is having a camera view the managers office in a fast food place. If the manager is in the office too long he or she is not out on the floor helping as he or she should be.

We can set up cross line detection so if someone crosses a certain area that you set up on your system it can send you an email.

We can also set up the system so if a car or person is walking the wrong way say for instance a one way street the system can go into alarm.

You can set up the system so if someone takes a specific item or moves it the camera analytics can detect that.

Camera analytics can count people going into our out of an area, building etc…

We can set up POS point of sale integration so you can go back and review the video for cash register transactions.

Specific camera systems can integrate face recognition.

You can view your cameras remotely from your smart phone.