Hardwired or wireless

Hardwired or wireless alarm systems

Whenever possible it is best to hardwire an alarm system, when it is not possible to hardwire because of lack of access then you should use install a robust encrypted wireless system.

DMP not only has a long range wireless high power receiver but it also has frequency hopping and the frequency is in the 900 Mhz range.  The repeaters don't just talk to the main receiver they also communicate to each other which allows you to configure wireless systems that normally you could not with less expensive systems.  

Qolsys Power G panels now have up to 4 times the range that they had before and they can also be encrypted.  Qolsys panels can now be ordered in several different frequencies such as 319, 345, 433 and the power g also comes with the 900 mhz range frequency. This dual frequency  allows you to use existing wireless devices on several different systems such as GE, DSC, 2GIG and the Power G. 

When you have an out building that you need to cover you can trench and install cable, you can install overhead cable or you can install wireless DMP transmitters in the outbuilding and install NEMA plastic boxes with DMP repeaters.  At Peak Alarm we have employees that have been there over 40 years, one of the guys on my team has been with Peak Alarm for over 27 years so when we brain storm unique situations we get input from several different people and most of the time we can come up with a solution that works well.

If there is a temperature issue in the outbuilding but you have power we can install hardwired devices and then use wireless transmitters to connect to the main system. We have installed wireless system in historic buildings and DMP even has UL listed wireless Fire Alarm devices. 

Contact Larry Love at Peak for a no cost site visit in the Wasatch Front area or we can have one of our other reps in Idaho or Saint George contact you. 

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