What sets companies apart

High Pressure salespeople that go door to door and won't take no for an answer?

Free equipment just sign here and we will get it installed today? 

Short hold times for buying a system but super long hold times on the phone when you need anything else? Most of the time many companies sell you the system and they sell the monitoring to others making your life more complicated for service or any issues you may have. 

Some of these companies have over 1 million accounts that they are monitoring and you become just another number to deal with. 

Over 3000 complaints on the www.bbb.org Better Business Bureau? There are several that have tons of complaints so check us and others before you buy. 


Same day or next day service?

Customer Service? Peak has 12,000 customers not 1 million so you are not just another number to us you are a customer we want to please so you stay with us. 

Quality equipment? 

Local family owned business since 1969?

Peak Alarm is not known as the low price leader or the company that will give you FREE equipment.  Watch out because normally those companies charge you more per month or will lock you into a longer time period. Peak normally does 36 month agreements but many companies do 60 months. 

$45 times 36 month  is $1,620.00 with a small install fee

$45 times 60 months is $2,700.00 with no install fee what is the better deal?

Sure they will give you $800 in free equipment since you are paying them almost double. 

Many of those companies will charge you more than $45 so their figures are closer to $56 per month so: 

$56 times 60 is $3,360.00 

Peak does not run credit checks like most of the other companies do. 

Peak Alarm however is known for using quality equipment, trained technicians, their guard and patrol service that is a cut above the rest,

Our UL listed Central Station has a back up generator in case the power goes out. Last year the city was working nearby and cut our power and our central station did not even know the power went out because everything continued normally.

You don't buy food from your plumber and Peak Alarm does not sell cable TV systems. Go to an expert when you want something as important as a security system.

I can refer to you to companies that sell you the equipment and you install it yourself. I can refer you to a central station that charges less that is out of state and the computers call you on alarms. To us that is not what security is all about although those type of systems have a market but they don't have a service department.  

Peak will help you through the design, installation, testing and training process.  

Contact Larry@peakalarm.com or call (801) 428 1384   or call on his cell (801) 898 6003 


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