Access Control Systems options

RE: Access Control Options

1.       Access Control Systems or Keyless entry systems come in different flavors with different options depending on the brand and the features you need. Just like cars different quality and brands determine the pricing. 

2.       Normally the per door price ranges from $1,600.00 dollars per door and up depending on the distance and the door hardware. If it is a double door maglock it costs a bit more than a single. If a PC based system is installed then the headend is in addition to the cost per door. If you want cloud hosted doors there is a per month cost as well. With a cloud hosted system if lightning strikes and knocks out your headend, new equipment can be installed all the programing can be pushed to the controllers and you can be up and running quickly. 

3.       When maglocks are used we will be required to tie them to the fire alarm system for door release as well as a request to exit button and or motion detector.

4.       Electric strikes that allow free egress sometimes are not required to be tied to the fire alarm but that depends on the fire marshal. If the Fire Marshal wants the doors to open from the outside when there is a fire we would still need to tie them to the fire alarm.

5.       Electronic strikes can be fail secure or fail safe, this mean that when the power goes out they react differently. A fail secure strike will stay locked and a fail safe lock will release and be unlocked when the power is out.

6.       We have systems that you can access with your smart phone to add and delete users and we have these on the entry level and on a higher end.

7.       We have access systems that are on the cloud and if you had lightning or other  damage to the headend we would restore all the information using the cloud backup and this has an additional charge of $10- $15 dollars per month per door.

8.       We can add a double or single sided printer with a camera and software to print badges and cards. Not all access control prox cards are printable so we would need to order specific cards. You have the option to use prox cards for entry or key chain tags.

9.       We have systems that are limited to a lower number of doors such as 32 and we have other systems that do not have a limit so depending on your needs we can put together the right access control system for you. DSX and PDK are higher end access control system that Peak Alarm installs.

10.   The cost is determined by what equipment goes in, the cable, the distance from the headend to the doors and what type of doors such as glass, metal or wood. Some end users also want door status switches installed to let them know if there is a door propped open. 

11.   Our DMP Security/Access Systems can monitor the security and the access control with different options depending on network/cellular.

12.   When  Larry visits your site he can come out will determine the best system to meet your needs and your budget. Call (801) 428 1384 for an appointment.