Commercial Alarm Systems

Commercial Alarm Systems in Utah and Idaho

Commercial Alarm Systems are a different animal than residential so make sure you hire a company that is experienced for the type of system you need. The type of systems used in a commercial enviroment are often more complex and can partitian so you can arm and disarm different areas at different times. Example:  The office can only be disarmed by specific people and the those that can disarm the shop cannot disarm accounting. 



Normally an intrusion system is armed and disarmed and is made up of MOTION DETECTORS,  DOOR STATUS SWITCHES and often temperature sensors, glass break sensors, overhead door switches, beam detectors and more.  The systems we install can be armed and disarmed remotely using smart phones although some companies choose not to use this feature.

Camera Systems

Most of the camera systems we install now are IP High Definition cameras and you can remotely view these cameras over your smart phones with no monthly fee.  For more detailed information click on the camera system page. 

Fire Alarm Systems 

In many buildings especially ones with fire sprinklers the law requires them to have a fire alarm system that is monitored by a UL listed Central Station to dispatch the fire department. Fire Alarm systems normally include much of the following:  Emergency manual pull boxes or pull stations, smoke detectors, CO detectors,  monitoring of the fire sprinkler system so when water begins to flow or if the water is turned off it alerts the central station. Dampers, elevators, HVAC system and much more can be tied to a fire alarm system. Maglocks on the door access control system can be released upon fire alarm and magnetic door holders can also drop doors that are normally held open. 


Access Control 

Access Control systems limit the flow of people into specific areas during certain times and with a CARD READER, biometric reader that could be finger or thumbprint or even eye scanner you can make it so you don't have to rekey the building when someone is let go, fired or leaves. You can ask them for their card or key tag back and if they don't turn it in you just delete their access. 

Hardware for access control is normally made up of the following: 

Maglock or Electronic Strike, (If a maglock is used then a request to exit motion or button is required, if a strike is used it allows free egress) , Proximity reader where you read your card or key tag, a power supply and a door controller. 

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