Anti Masking Motion Detectors

Anti Masking Motion detectors

Criminals will often put tape over a motion or spray paint a motion detector which also disables motions.

The motion shown is a Bosch motion detector specifically a tri-tech motion and many of them can be ordered with the antimasking features as well which will put the motion into trouble to alert you if the detector has been painted or if something is blocking it.

Many of my competitors will sell $25 dollar motions and they are not dual tech nor tri tech and not anti masking. In a commercial environment often you need to plan in advance for what criminals might do and using these types of motion detectors can stop criminals before a crime.

Research the fact and don’t buy a normal PIR motion especially if it will not reduce false alarms.

If a normal detector is spray painted it does not let you know and when the system is armed you think that you are protected when in reality you are not.

You do get what you pay for.