Preventing break ins.....


Keep in mind that even when you have a security system installed you still need to maintain it and check that it is functioning as it should.

  1. Often criminals or employees will stuff a piece of cardboard or paper in the door jam to prevent the lock from latching and they will come back later.

  2. Sometimes criminals will paint the front of the motion detectors to defeat them. Bosch has a new anti masking detector that will go into trouble when it is painted or if you put tape or paper over the front or block it by putting a ladder or something in front of it.

  3. Some criminals or employees will cut the door wire and tie it together so when you do your security test make sure each door sets the alarm off when it is opened. It is prudent to test your system at least once a month and do a site walk through every day inspecting for anything out of place, cut wires, card board in the doors, paper or paint in front of the motions.

  4. Criminals will also put a fridge magnet on a door and that way if the door is opened the alarm will not activate. There are special BMS balanced magnetic switches that have several magnets that must line up. The government uses these type of contacts. If you don’t use these types of contacts you should check all of your doors carefully to make sure they have not been tampered with.

  5. These are just a few ways criminals or employees try to bypass your security system.