Chaplains serve the officers

While it it true the Chaplains are called out much of the time to death scenes , death notifications and comfort those that need comfort Chaplains also have an important purpose to serve the officers in the field.

If you know about the thin blue line that represents the line between order and chaos then you understand that our law enforcement teams provide that order and they walk a thin line often amidst problems of their own. Our officers serve the public, protect the people and provide order all while much of the time dealing with grave problems of their own at home.

More officers have taken their own lives this year than have been killed by criminals. Chaplains act as a support to our men and women that are there for us during the worse times of our lives. Police sacrifice even their very lives to protect us while often having to take abuse and ridicule. These positions are not highly paid and they deserve to have our respect and help.

There are a few officers that cross that thin line and abuse their authority and when corruption is found it needs to be dealt with although for the large part our officers are honest and give a great deal of service.

Those that would call for the public to hate police also call for Chaos and once order is gone criminals fights against the public and each other without restraint. Let us appreciate the police and know that they are part of the public, they are husbands, wives, they are our sons, daughters and our fathers, mothers, our sisters, brothers and neighbors. Love thy neighbor as thyself.

I call on all of the public to please thank the officers for their service when you see them. Tell them how much they are appreciated and tell them how important they are. Officers of the law are expected to be hard, strong and tough when we need them and they go through hard times themselves and they deal with the public as of late that have mental illness and drug problems far more often than in the past.

I want to thank our law enforcement family for all they do and let them know that they are appreciated. They have jobs that keep us safe and allow us to pursue happiness. In many other countries the officers are not walking the thin blue line but often more corrupt than honest. Say a prayer for law enforcement every day when you pray for your family. If you don’t pray, try it express your thanks to God and tell him your fears, your worries and ask him to bless our police.