Riding with Unified Police SGT

Last Monday I was privileged to spend the evening with a Unified Police SGT on a ride-along. Dinner time came and we had agreed to meet the other officers at a Crown Burger yet the SGT was driving the opposite direction. We stopped and bought several pizzas and then we went to meet the other officers.

When walked in he presented the boxes of pizza to the Crown Burger employees and they were thrilled. I personally like Crown Burger although eating the same thing day after day would get old and that is why they were happy to get pizza.

Driving around with someone for several hours gives you a chance to get to know what type of person they are. This SGT is a great police officer, good dad and husband. Seeing him interact with the public when we walked through a park was very interesting. I have been doing ridealongs quite often so it makes you appreciate the men and women law enforcement that we have here in the Greater Salt Lake area because I just sit and listen and you see them in their environment.

Yesterday at the police memorial I met several people, I met a SGT that is working in forensics and another SGT that works in the mental health unit. Listening to them you get a feel that the police department is very diverse and doing great things. The first SGT i refer to is working with the DNA evidence and this is such important work as is the metal health unit.

I was asked to give the prayers at the May 8, 2019 police memorial and meeting with the families of the fallen officers was very humbling. The ceremony was very nice and the bagpipes gave the ceremony a finishing touch as he walked away playing going home and the sound faded.