Unified Police Department Chaplain

As a Police Chaplain I go with the Police on death notifications, ride with the officers to be a moral and spiritual support and someone they can talk to.  Anything that is said to a Chaplain is confidential. 

As a Chaplain we attend to the needs of all faiths or we can be there even when the person or family is not religious. Chaplains often will belong to a specific Church although they do not preach or do any missionary work to convert people. 

Chaplains are there to assist, support and help the person or family contact others that may be a longer term support. This is a volunteer program and a way to give back to the community. 

In order to qualify as a Chaplain I had to have 5 years clergy experience and be ordained and be in good standing with my Church. I have done 27 weddings and 6 funerals in the past 5 years. I have worked with many people that have had issues with domestic abuse, drugs and other issues. I am not there to judge but to help. I enjoy being a support to the Police Department.