Saykoshta 060113

Be alert, notice every detail and remember. Look and wait for the right time and the right opportunity to act. Many times the best action is no action. Many times the best words are no words. Attention to detail and striving for excellence. Don't just settle for a passing grade be the best you can. Sometimes there is nothing you can do about a situation so you can just take it all in and accept that there is nothing to be done. Meditation, prayer and acceptance will lighten your load. Practicing properly at least 500 times will embed movements into your muscle memory. Building relationships of trust. Honor confidentiality. Listen more than you talk then you will find out who people really are. Distance yourself from those who are not helping to build you up. Set realistic goals that will move you forward. Hang around people that are more intelligent and better than you are. Strive to care about things and people that you should care about. Avoid apathy and come to events and meetings early not just on time. Obviously this paragraph does not make much sense but these are the notes from the Saykoshta board from the last two weeks. Success in martial arts also is affected by success in your life.

This is me, do I look like a wise old man? This is from a recent production I was in. The beard is real if your wondering.