Words of wisdom from my wife

Wise words from a wise woman

My wife says keep explanations to a minimum because your friends and loved ones don't need them, your enemies won't believe them and otherwise foolish people won't understand them.

Mi esposa dice no hay necesidad para explicar much porque tus amigos no las necisita, tus enimigos no van a creerlas y los necios no van a intenderlas.

If you have not heard the story of the donkey then here it is: (The story basically explains that no matter what you decide someone will be there to criticize you and your choices)

An old man and his granddaughter were walking to the next village and they had their items on their donkey's back. They passed two people and overheard one of them telling the other person that the old man must be cruel since he was overloading the donkey with a heavy burden so the old man pulled half the load off and began carrying it himself on his back. They went a bit further and someone actually shouted at them for how foolish they were for carrying things when they had a donkey that could do the work. As they went on someone else said that the old man was not being a gentleman because he was making the young girl walk instead of riding so he put the granddaughter up on the donkey and they kept moving, next they heard someone say how disrespectful the young woman was for not letting the older gentleman ride instead so they switched places. No matter what they did someone else questioned their decisions and that is the same in our lives. We should listen to suggestions and weigh them out in our minds and if the counsel is valid we can decide to follow it or not to follow it although in the end it is our own decision and we will be held accountable for it.