One question at a time 9 Priesthood

This generation looks up stuff.

The Priesthood is the power and authority that God´s gives men on earth to do his work and ordinations.

Exodus 40 Anoint Aaron that he may minister Numbers 27 Joshua received authority from Moses Jeremiah 1 I ordained you to be a prophet Matthew 10 Christ gave his postles power to cast out unclean spirits.

Matthew 16 Jesus gave the keys of the kingdom to bind on earth and in heaven. This is the sealing power. This authority to seal couples together for eternity shows the importance of the Temple. The Bible talks of not being given in marriage after death and I explained to someone the other day that those ordinances need to be done here on earth and that is why we do ordainances in the Temple for those that have passed away because they cannot do it for themselves where they are.

Mark 3 Verses 14 andn 15 The twewlve were ordained or given authority to preach.

Luke 9 verse one Christ gave his desciples power and authority over devils

John 15 Christ chose and ordained his apostles.

Acts 1 explains how when an apostles leaves this world that another one should be called to maintain 12 apostles as Christ had organized them

Act 6 Steven and others received authority by laying on of hands. These ordenations are only done by someone that already has been ordained by one that has authority. We don´t got to a university and get an ordenation.

Acts 8 Simon offered money for the power which the apostles had

Acts 19 Certain Jews took upon themselves to use Christ´s name but an evil spirit did not recognize them and beat them up.

II Timothy 3 In the last days men shall deny the power of God. Many people say you don´t need to be ordained or have the laying on of hands by one that has been ordained. Some say all you need is the desire.

Hebrews 1 and chapter 5 as well. Every high priest taken from men is ordained in the same manner as was Aaron. By the laying on of hands.