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Lets get along

An error that many Mormons make is trying to get people to join their church for the wrong reasons.

Most Mormons learn their basic doctrines and when you ask them about their Church they will quote the 13 Articles of faith which goes over their basic beliefs. Many Mormons are a bit pushy and try to get you to come to Church. They feel it is their duty to help you, to encourage you to learn about their religion. They feel they are obligated to share the gospel which is part of the promises they make when they become members of the Church.

The problem is that most Mormons or LDS people don't know how to go about sharing the gospel the right way or in an effective way. I myself normally give out too much information and too many facts which would scare most people away fast. Some of them feel they need to become your friend by inviting you to play a sport and unfortunately when you play the sport and don't accept the gospel message sometimes the Mormons stop being your friend which is nuts and sad. I suppose those people just go on to the next person and try it all over again.

If we as mormons were more concerned about the questions other have instead of our own prepared answers we might actually have more success. In a time when most religions are loosing people not to other religions but to sports, hobbies and attitudes of "I don't have time because of work or family" Mormons really need how to share their message to show how being Mormon will help their lives if they join the Church.

Many people don't really want to be helped but they have a desire to help so we all need to feel needed. If the LDS Church were more inclusive and let people know they were needed they would get more people to come to Church. So I am admitting the Church is not inclusive? Yes I am, you see sometimes the church seems like a club and when people that don't conform to the LOOK or the rules come they get looked down on. We have a young man that has been investigating the Church that has very long hair (very nice and clean) and some people have made comments about his hair in a negative manner. This just shows the insecurities of people because it should not be about the hair but about the person.

Other people feel the church can financially help them and they try to use the church in that way. This works for a while although later on when the Bishop wants them to do service and assignments they lose interest in the Church because they can no longer get free things without doing something so they leave.

The people that actually get into the doctrine and find that the church helps them because better and have more joy are the ones that can really spread the gospel in a genuine way because they are happy people. You see, in any group of people you will have some of them that are sad, depressed, some that are happy, some that are mean, some that are nice and others that are not so nice. The key is getting into the doctrine and helping people see it can help them become happy, it can help them change and not be mean, it can help them learn to be more loving people. This only happens when people want to change and have a desire to be better.

To do this we really should address their concerns individually and answer their questions not with our canned answers but with a genuine heart.