Handmade Rosaries and Necklaces in Utah

Metal and Stone artwear We have almost 100 rosaries and over 100 necklaces on our site. www.larryloveutah.com and my son has helped me make many of these incredible pieces. Many of them are made out of stone or semi precious  gemstones. We have many that are made out of fresh water pearls and mother of pearl as well.

We have been making these necklaces and rosaries for over 20 years now and now that we have a web site we wanted to open it up to those that are not in our area or family.

We attend the gem shows every so often and find incredible deals. You will note that our art pieces (Rosaries and Necklaces) are for the most part one of a kind type pieces so they are not being massed produced. This means you can purchase a piece and hand it down from generation to generation. Take a look at the site http://www.larryloveutah.com  and click on additional products and then click on either rosaries or necklaces. If you click on the flag near the bottom you can switch the page between Spanish and English.