Anti-Mormon Questions and Answers with links

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A friend of mine called me to ask if I had read this letter yet and I told him I had not so I spent the afternoon yesterday reading the letter and then I found the fair link with the answers from the LDS Church or better put answers from members of the Church which are mostly BYU professors.

As I read through the information I did not see very much that was new, most of this anti-Mormon material has been around for a very long time and yes with new material being put out from the Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints about Blacks and the Priesthood and Gays the material has had things added to it.

I have taken the time to read the answers although most people that believe this anti-Mormon material do not take the time to read both sides of the issues. To me it would be to my financial advantage to believe this mis-information because I would get a 10 percent raise and Sundays off as well as many other hours that I put into serving the Church and the Lord. Having said that I cannot deny my testimony nor can I deny my faith. It is hard to argue with someone faith.

The sad part about much of this material is that they include things that are not true or are not well written. This man does take the time to do some of the research although when you dig deeper you find additional facts that add to the material and then later he changed his letter after the answers came out. This is typical of debates and many people can make information look however they want it to look to prove a point. That is why PRAYER is so important and asking God to help you know what is right for yourself. It is much easier to believe that the Church is not true because then you are not bound by any of the requirements or commandments the Church teaches like The Word of Wisdom or The Law of Chastity.

When I first started researching anti-Mormon lit. I would go to the library downtown and look up the original references that were being quoted in the anti-Mormon books and I found that more often than not they were misquoting or quoting each other for sources. I told my missionary companion on my mission that I could write a better anti-Mormon book than they had written because I would not include lies. There are many things about the Church that you can dwell on that are negative which mostly end up being things about the members or faults of the leaders. The leaders are men and don't even claim to be perfect so pointing out their faults or problems to me is a waste of time.

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When I first started reading the full answers from the fair web site I was very impressed with the time that had gone into the research and the answers.