Presidential Debate Oct 3, 2012


My thoughts on the Presidential debate as a delegate are mixed. I was impressed with how Mitt presented himself and I felt that President Obama was not as prepared as he should have been. Both men were very nervous and President Obama looked down too often and Mitt's eyes were blinking quite a bit and I don't know if that was just nerves but Mitt came across very Presidential. After reading several of the fact check sites I was disappointed in both men when they quoted facts that were not quite the truth, although that should not surprise anyone because we are dealing with politicians.

I don't think Mitt will get a big enough boost from this debate to get the electoral votes he needs to win although I felt he made the Mormons and the Republicans proud because he did not put his foot in his mouth.

I recorded the debate and took 3 hours to watch it and I also used a stop watch to time their remarks and both of them went over their time but Obama spent more time speaking than Mitt did.

So Mitt won the debate and I just wonder if he really could win would the democrats gridlock Washington like the republicans have? I was very disappointed in the republicans making statements that their main priority was to get Obama out of office rather than having their main priority to serve the country and move forward with the country.