Disappointed with Republican Party

Trying to stay involved in community issues.

Not only do I try to say up on the normal news but I try to stay current on political issues which is not always easy and if you ask my children they will tell you it is boring. Many of those involved in politics when referring to the average Joe talk about the people as being uneducated about the issues. That is why the President is not really elected by the people but by the electoral college because they do not trust the people.

The problem arises when those uneducated people as politicians refer to us are the ones that vote and put the politicians in office, at least the local politicians. I have served as a state and county delegate three times now. I am disappointed with how both parties are acting and I have tried to stay involved by attending various events, reading up on the bills and now it seems that all the parties are good for is to introduce politicians to where the money is. Lobbying is a big business. Politicians should not benefit from their short or long time spent in congress as far as getting benefits for the rest of their life. They should serve their time and then go back to a regular life. Right now they serve, get a position lobbying and then continue to get benefits for the rest of their lives. The party platforms used to mean something and now it seems we are so far from those original values. The republicans recently have alienated Hispanics and gays which was not a smart move.

Many times the people that get really involved tend to be extreme type of people like the tea party people. They feel their efforts are needed and they feel they are doing the right thing and since people like that are active they end up getting things done. Many of the moderate people don't even attend the meetings or caucuses any more because they become apathetic because of all the problems.

The recent changes that the democrats made to the rules about filibusters upset the republicans although they should not be surprised by these changes since they slowed down the process so often it became upsetting to the dems so they did something about it. This time last year congress and the senate were staying late to get things done before Christmas but now the republicans want to slow things down to show their displeasure about the changes. It is all so childish and makes me want to separate myself from both parties.