Charlene Albarran for congress

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Last night I was able to meet Charlene Albarran and her husband. Charlene was very interested in LULAC and as State Director I took some time to give her an overview of what LULAC does. Charlene has a very impressive track record. She has spent several years living in Mexico and has a very unique perspective on many issues.

As a side note I need to make sure I am very clear that LULAC is a nonpartisan organization. LULAC does not support any particular political party although we encourage our members to learn all they can about the political candidates and vote for who they feel is the very best person. LULAC is the (League of United Latin American Citizens) The Mission of the League of United Latin American Citizens is to advance the economic condition, educational attainment, political influence, housing, health and civil rights of the Hispanic population of the United States. Most of the work is done by the individual councils and the State Board strives to support those councils and National also does the same.

Now back to my conversation with Charlene Albarran. Charlene has been very actively involved in helping the community both here and in Mexico. She is a very well spoken and professional individual.

The incumbent Chris Stewart in district 2 has missed voting 63 times which is very concerning to me. Chris sponsored zero bills that became law in 2015. I would be interested in attending a debate between the two to see both sides. LULAC is very interested in helping Hispanic people get registered to vote so they can protect their rights. The question to Chris and Charlene would be, how do you plan to help the Hispanic people of Utah? The question to Chris would be what will you do differently that you have done in the past? I read the report card for Chris Stewart comparing him to other representatives in several areas and I encourage everyone to do the same.

Some people vote straight ticket for republican or democrat rather than voting for the very best person. Charlene has been very involved in developing and running programs to help the homeless and because of this she will most likely catch flack or be accused of being a socialist. As she explained many of the programs that she has been involved with, her goal was not only to feed the poor and help them with housing but she has an overall long range goal to help them find work and become more educated so they can become productive members of society. I was very impressed with her attitude and her ideas. She came across as very professional and the type of a person that would be a good leader. I look forward to learning more about Charlene in the future and it looks like Chris will have a fight on his hands this time against a very worthy opponent.

Charlene became tired of waiting for a person to vote for that would make meaningful changes so she became that person.

Report card 2015 for Chris Stewart