Larry Love Memories


What memories typically stay with us the longest or tend to be burned into our minds? Fun times as shown in the picture? Abuse or not so fun times? Regrets of things we have done that we should not have done? Memories of being with family when we go on trips to see the ocean, National Parks, major events in our lives such as baptisms, first communion, weddings,funerals, Christmas, music, special birthday parties, first kiss, first love, being scared, getting in accidents, Nature, Religious events, work events such as first jobs and other memories of work, parties, traveling, military service, voluntary service, TV shows as a child or even adult, memories of food, happy events, tragic events, deaths, births, memories of cars or motorcycles, hobbies that your parents had and included you in and the list goes on.

My first kiss was in the middle of a field where I was playing with my best friend Launie Sperry when I was 9 years old. (~1973) I don't remember all the details but I remember the feelings, I remember her breath and how it felt. I felt safe in the middle of this field and so did she and we were just playing and I don't remember why we kissed because there was no pressure to do anything like that at home and we did not see it in the movies and there was no internet so all I can say is it came naturally. I laugh when I think about it now, being 9 years old is so young. I talk to my children now about all sorts of things and in 1973 neither one of us was thinking about sex or anything to do with it. We kissed as innocently as could be and it did not ruin the friendship as it sometimes does to kiss.

Memories flood back to me at times for no reason at all or sometimes they are brought on by a taste or smell. Drinking out of the hose brings back childhood memories of how good that water seemed to taste. Now that I am 48 I sometimes forget things and it may be by choice. We take in so many stimuli at once that memories seem to be in layers made up of the location, smell, tastes, who was involved and our emotions at the time. Laying on my back up in the treehouse in our back yard and feeling the sun on my face, picking and eating the plums on top of the scalding garage and then jumping down only to repeat it again. Holding hands with Rochelle Richardson and feeling the energy run between you, just a simple touch yet so powerfull. I remember looking into Rorie Tafoya's eyes and thinking that she was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen. Rorie never ended up being my girlfriend although I was more attracted to Hispanics,asians and girls of color than white girls. I can't figure that out even now. I remember being inside Tammy Salazar's house and not being able to understand anything yet I felt just fine being there with her. Once when I was sick Tammy brought me a record as a get well gift. Music is such a large part of my life and most of my memories are tied to music. I remember as a member of the Utah Youth Symphony playing at events all over Salt Lake City, I remember as a member of a National Wind Band playing all over Europe and the feelings I got after a concert once when a girl asked me for my autograph. I also remember locking eyes with a beautiful Belgian girl (Jose) and talking to her after and even writing letters to her. These connections created deep impressions within me. Jana Trinniman was one of my best friends in Jr High and we used to ride bikes together, sing together and we could talk about anything. I also glimpse memories long forgotten that I suppressed because I would pretend and go into my own little world as a child when my parents were yelling or better put when my Dad was yelling and drunk. I don't remember much at all from Kindergarten,1st or Second grade, I have more memories of 3rd grade and up.