Larry Love new Deputy State Director of Utah Lulac

My beautiful wife and I The League of United Latin American Citizens

Larry Love was elected as the new Deputy State Director of The League of United Latin American Citizens in Salt Lake City June 6, 2015. Salvador Lazalde is the current State Director.

Some of the Priorities of Lulac are: Civic Participation, Civil Rights, Economic Empowerment, Education, Health, Housing, Immigration, Public Service, Technology, Veterans Affairs and Lulac also has Deputy Directors for the youth, young adults, Elderly and Veterans.

Lulac is the oldest and largest Hispanic organization of it's type in the Nation.

Roger Rocha past National Treasurer was in attendance. Salvador Lazalde is the State Director

Keith J. Atkinson State Chaplain for Utah Lulac was also in attendance.

Larry is a professional Spanish Medical Interpreter, CERT FEMA Instructor for Salt Lake City teaching Emergency Response Team Training in Spanish and English. Larry owns his own business and has been in the Commercial Fire and Security Industry for the past 20 years and currently works at Peak Alarm as a Commercial Fire and Intrusion Consultant. Larry Love also serves as a lay minister for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints with a Hispanic Unit which has over 400 members. Larry has been involved in community affairs for several years now including immigration and human rights issues.