False ID Court Jail ICE deportation

Using fake ID can complicate your life and cause many problems

Fake ID can be a 3rd degree felony in Utah

1.In Utah using or being in possession of a false or fake ID can be a 3rd degree felony and you can get from 0 to 5 years in prison. I have a friend that just got put in jail for 6 months for being in possession of 3 fake ID cards so there are 3 counts against him or 3 felony charges so it could be 0-15 years in prison. He got ordered to serve 6 months and he also has an immigration hold from ICE on his name at the Jail. If you are going to be locked up for more than a year they normally send you to a prison.

The Police arrest you and then you go into the jail and the court system. The court handles the hearings and the sentence and the jail enforces the punishment. ICE is a federal immigration agency so they have more authority than local agencies yet the court is separate from the jail or prison and the ICE is also separate. You may have charges with the city or state and different ones in a federal court. The court nor the jail can tell you what ICE may or may not do to a person as far as deportation. This friend of mine has a family yet most likely he will be deported. The Judge told him he would not be deported but now he has an immigration hold on his name that is listed in the public record portion of the jail records.

In 2009 the US Supreme Court ruled that just working with a false ID did not mean you would have to be charged with Identity theft or other charges although each State has different laws so if you have a really good lawyer and pay them lots of money then there is a chance they can get you off of the charges or have the penalty reduced but understand that lawyers for criminal cases are normally different than lawyers for immigration cases. Although the feds may not charge you if they find that you have a false ID the State or City may charge you and it can be very serious.

*Pointing out that the US Supreme Court ruled in 2009 that undocumented people using a social security number just to work will not be charged with fraud unless there is proof they were using the false ID or numbers in order to steal. Most of the undocumented people using false social security numbers do it solely so they can work and they have federal, state, med and FICA (Social Security) taken out of their checks that they will never see. In 2009 over 9 billion in social security was paid into the mismatched funds and most of that is attributed to undocumented people paying social security using made up numbers or the numbers belonging to others.

Illegal aliens using false social security numbers may not be charged with identity theft if they were only using the number in order to work yet there is a chance they will be charged depending on the circumstances so don't look at a Supreme Court ruling and assume it is a get out of jail free card.