Independant review on Mountain Medical Billing in Murray Utah

Please enter 200 numbers

This morning I called my insurance company and they explained that even though I met my $3,000 deductible for last year I was still responsible for 20% of the bill on a recent procedure that was ordered by the doctor in December 2012 because we met the deductible but not the $8,000 out of pocket that we had to pay before insurance pays.

The bill was $2,448 and the insurance told Mountain Medical they would only pay $846 yet they told Mountain Medical to bill the patient for the other $212.60. Now I know why Doctors don't like dealing with specific insurance companies that want to pay less than half of the bill. I do think many doctors and facilities are over charging just for this reason so they can collect what they feel they need to collect and that is sad too.

I then called Mountain Medical 801 262 8120, don't bother calling because I was on hold three times and got cut off twice and I got into a voice mail loop so as encouraged by the voice mail to pay my bill online and save time (Yea right) I logged on to

Ok, so I thought this will be easier than being on hold because this office must be really busy.

I had to enter

the 8 digit CODE ID found on my bill then I had to enter the 13 digit Access # found on my bill then you have to enter the 13 digit account number on your bill there is also a 7 digit invoice number on your bill.

then you need to enter the 16 digit VISA or CARD number then you need to enter the 4 digit expiration date then you need to enter the 3 digit security code

then they issue you an 18 digit reference number they also issue you a 13 digit order number they also give you a 6 digit authorization code

by the way after all that I finally got a receipt but they left the account number off the receipt, oh they put the first four of my visa and the last four but they left the account number blank. You would think they could at least get the computer program to transfer the last four of the account number for reference but I guess they don't need that with an 18 digit reference number and a 13 digit order number.

Ok, see how easy that was (NOT!!!!) Why can't they make it intuitive and less complicated. This is similar to the service numbers you call that require you to enter in your phone number and your account numbers and when you finally get a live person they ask you for all of the same information all over again.

Well I give a thumbs down and 2 out of 10 stars to Mountain Medical's phone system and their web site because it was not a good experience and I am sure that they really do need all of those numbers but give me a break, can't they hide them all like computer programers do with everything else? I will be happy to do another article on Mountain Medical once they change their system to make it a bit less complicated.