Factory 4 U independant review Salt Lake City West Valley City

Great place to get words, pictures or letters printed for shirts or other things.

On the West Side of Redwood Road just South of 3500 South you will find Factory 4 u. This is where we just got 8" numbers put on 25 soccer shirts for just over 113 dollars. Sometimes there is a long wait so if you go during the day you have a better chance of getting your project done. The mother and daughter in front of us were showing off the cute shirts they just had printed for a baby that had not been born yet. They cut pictures out of a magazine that they wanted and the man at the counter scanned the pictures, printed them and added words including the name of the baby to the shirts. They are very good at what they do and I would give them 3 stars because we had to wait for at least 30 minutes just to place the order. I would suggest that when the man that is doing the work is so busy they could get other employees to take the order so you could leave and come back later. My wife said he is great at what he does but he lacks customer service skills. We even asked after about 20 minutes if we could just have him write down the order so we could come back later and he could not break away from the current job to do that. There were other employees in the store that did not appear to be busy so I would say it is just a matter of a bit of cross training and organization so they could be more effective. The prices were fair and the work done was very professional. We are not complaining too much since we did get to go eat a wonderful steak soup just down the street at Pho Hoa which warmed us up. (3460 South and Redwood)

This independant review was done by Larry Love and I would encourage you to visit this store since they have a large selection of shirts,pants,coats,men's and women's clothes,hair accessories,belts and the list goes on. The printing services are very professional although you should plan on a longer wait if you go during busy times. Try to go during the work day if you can. Custom printing is their forte.