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LED Horn/Strobes from Wheelock (Eaton) have a lower current draw yet the cost of the units are about 22% more money so in order for our company to switch to these new LED units we would need to make sure it was worth the cost of switching our stock and if we would really save enough money in the long run with the lower current draw to make the switch worth while. These units are very new and Peak makes sure the technology is solid before switching to something so new.

Years ago I met with the regional sales representative of Wheelock and we discussed their product features and benefits. Back then we used quite a bit of their product and one of our concerns was the boxy square look when many other manufactures were going with a more modern look. The new LED units are still square although they are very small and the round units for ceiling mount are fine although there are other appliances that have a lower footprint and are thinner. As time goes by the designs will continue to change and we will re-evaluate which products we will use more of. Currently Peak Alarm used System sensor more than many of the other products, part of that has to do with price and part of the reason we use System Sensor is the lower current draw (mA)