Video Analytics in Utah

Video Analytic software solutions can help alert you when someone is climbing a fence or going the wrong way. New license plate cameras can now read the plate numbers and enter them directly into a computer program. Video solutions are coming a long way in a short time. IP video is the way to go but don't go with a contractor that is just going to install a quick camera system or the least expensive system.

You don't look for the least expensive look alike I-Phone you go for quality not only because it is a brand name but because the features, quality and options that it gives you.

IP cameras take up more storage but storage options are getting less expensive all the time.

Camera systems allow you to view accidents and have video for court, view security video incidents, use the video as a training tool for employees to praise them for a job well done. When you use video in this way it become a positive force that your employees appreciate. Call Larry 801 428 1384 direct for pricing or a video solution.

What do you need to view? How much motion occurs in these areas each day? 9 hours out of 24 or 15 hours of traffic? How long are the wire/cable runs? Is drilling required? Is a lift needed to install the cameras and or wire? Do you need heater blowers in your outside cameras? Do you need to see in the dark? How is your lighting laid out? Do your trees need to be trimmed to get the best camera views? Do you currently have analog cameras that need to be updated to IP? Do you know that you can purchase a hybrid DVR/NVR that will allow you to connect both analog and IP cameras to the same unit Did you know you can view your cameras from your Iphone? Or smart phone? How much storage do you need on your DVR/NVR? 2TB, 6TB or more? Let us help you with this. Did you know that commercial, industrial video equipment is different from what you buy at the big box stores? Did you know that commercial systems backup video on 2 separate drives in case of failure? Did you know you can integrate your video system with your access control and security systems?

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