When should I upgrade my security system?

Ask for Larry Love at Peak Alarm to help you design your security system including additional sensors.

Knowing when to upgrade anything is a difficult decision because technology moves quite quickly

When do I upgrade and how?

Look at the technology that may benefit you and consider upgrading to a panel that will have these abilities for the future. When you call us we can go over the options with you. For home owners we make it quite affordable. The basic system comes with the Panel, cell communicator, Siren, keypad, 3 door or window contacts and a motion all for $99 installed and $39 per month for 36 months.

Examples of upgrades you may want to consider depending on your needs

Change your cameras to IP High Definition MP cameras from Analog cameras in order to get 5 times or more the resolution. You can see more of an area and even zoom in after the fact. Normal analog cameras do not allow you to do this.

Upgrade to a security system that has Z wave so you can control your garage door, lights, locks, house temperature,cameras tied to the system and much more, upgrading to a system that has the capability to add these things that you can control remotely from your smart phone is a prudent move.

Recently AT&T announced that they will no longer support 2G technology so any security systems that were sending signals using 2G will stop working sometime between now and 2017 so those systems need to be upgraded.

If you are done with your contract on your security system now is the time to consider those upgrades.

Peak Alarm can do an agreement for any length of time, the most popular agreement is for 36 months since it does not lock you in for a long time yet Peak can still subsidize part of the equipment so you won't have to pay as much up front.

When a company offers you a FREE camera or FREE motion detector understand that nothing is every free. You will either end up paying for a longer period of time such as 60 months (Five years) or you will end up having a higher payment. It is the same with cell phones. One of my kids bought a phone for over $600 but they don't have a high monthly payment like their brother who bought their phone but signed a contract so he got the phone for right around $200 but his monthly payment is higher.

We can do a monthly payment for around $39 per month which includes the monitoring and the cellular monthly fee and when you want to control your system remotely with your smart phone then add another $5 per month so that puts your monthly around $44 per month.

If you want to pay less upfront we can make the monthly payment higher When you to purchase more equipment you can either pay for it up front and have a lower monthly payment or the other way around.

Ask for Larry Love (801) 428 1384 Larry@peakalarm.com

Temperature freeze sensors, water flood sensors, smoke detection that notifies authorities. (You room smokes normally don't call authorities they just wake you up and sometimes people never wake up)

When you decide to upgrade call Larry at Peak Alarm and he can come to your home or business and go over the options.

Some upgrades that can be added to the monthly payment would be adding an optional repair agreement so you would not need to pay the hourly rate when something stops working or when the batteries need to be changed. The repair agreement gives you the peace of mind that when a tech needs to come out to your site you won't end up with a large hourly bill.

Another upgrade would be ALARM RESPONSE, within the Salt Lake area we have Guard/Patrol response for $10 extra per month which gives you up to four responses per year and then they are normally $50 to $70 each response after the first four.

Adding camera control adds $10 per month for the first 4 cameras, adding temperature, lock control or lighting control only adds $4-$5 per month, web access is only $5-7 per month depending on your exact situation. Having this web access allows you to get on the internet and check your account. If you want us to send you a report of when your system is armed and disarmed we can do that for only another $5 per month. This is called openings and closings.

Having this can help a business owner know when his or her employees are coming and going. A tanning salon owner found that employees were going in at 3AM with their friends to tan and these reports allowed him to take care of this issue before it got too expensive. Adding a high supervision cellular communicator or an AES radio to your commercial fire alarm will allow you get rid of your 2 analog phone lines that you have been paying for each month. The monthly charge for this high supervision cellular is $22 to $25 per month and the AES radio is $15 to $20 per month.

Peak Alarm can also do your annual fire alarm inspection that is required by law and we can bill this either monthly quarterly or annually.