Updated Bosch training in Salt Lake City

Review of BOSCH Security training class in Salt Lake City.

I give Bosch and Joe two thumbs up and I rate this training a 10 on a 1-10 scale.


D5512 and D4512 Panels with the D920 and D930 Keypads This panel has a USB connection and connects to your internet

Joe Lamontagne came to Salt Lake City to do the 4 day Bosch Security training class and Lloyd Apricio came with him who is the Regional Sales Manager for 8 Western States.

The training was some of the best Bosch training that we have had to date and we have been doing this for over 14 years. The GV4 panels and the B series panels have many more features and it was well worth our time to attend the training. Larry Love and Frank Bradbury from American Security & Fire, Inc. both attended the training from 3/4/13 to 3/07/13.

Joe gave the class frequent breaks which seemed to improve overall concentration and learning. Joe has been with Bosch for over 25 years and many people don't appreciate the knowledge and wisdom with people that have been with companies for so many years. I can tell you that Joe did an excellent job teaching this class. I believe I will retain more from this class than any other programing class that I have taken from Bosch.

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