Update your security call lists often

Update your lists so dispatchers do not waste time calling wrong numbers

Every week we call on alarms where we get disconnected phone numbers and these are the numbers that customers provided us.


Update your call lists making sure your security company has current cell phone numbers and email addresses as well.

Take time to make sure you have basic instructions for your security system and if you don't then go online and get them and print them up.

Take time to make sure your current employees know the password and if it has been a while then change the password.

Take time to update your codes and make sure you don't have anyone using birth year codes or other combinations that are easily guessed.

Do a test on your system to make sure it is working properly. Call and put the system in test then arm the system and set every contact and every motion into alarm. Then call the Central station to make sure they got all the signals. Most systems have a walk test.

Take time to make sure that the central station number you have is correct and make sure you know your account number.

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