UL2050 requirements not always being met

Many companies are not meeting the specific requirements of UL2050. Keep in mind that there is a UL Certificate that the company must have to do the installations as well as a UL Certificate to Monitor a UL2050 account.(CRZM) Many companies do the installations without the install Certificate. (CRZH) Verify that the company you are dealing with has each certificate. The NSA came from Washington to verify that our Central Station would meet the requirements that they needed for the Military monitoring for the Utah Army National Guard.


http://www.ul.com UL listings for local Central Stations in UTAH - Peak is the only company that holds all 5 UL Certifications There are only 4 local UUFX listed companies in Utah for monitoring fire alarm as of 5/27/16 1. Avantguard (S3955) 2. Peak Alarm (S1548) 3. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints COPB (S25044) 4. This fourth company requested that I take their information off my blog which I have done. You can go to the UL.com web site to find all UL listed companies The LDS Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints only monitors their own facilities. There are only 5 local CRZH listed central stations in Utah for monitoring high security industrial facilities such as SCIFs as of 5/27/16 ( NISPOM, DOD 5520.22-M, DOD 5100.76-M, JFAN 6/9 and ICD/ICS 705-1) This certificate is for Installation, Testing, Service and Maintenance as well as Monitoring. 1. Peak Alarm (BP20762) 2. L3 Communication Systems WEST (BP9385) 3. Stanley Convergent Security Solutions (BP6295) 4. The Boeing Company (BP6569) 5. TYCO Integrated Security (BP6471)L3 Communications monitors the secure facilities associated with their facilities. There are only 3 local CPVX listed central stations in Utah for UL Central Station Burglar Alarm Systems monitoring. 1. Peak Alarm (BP2433) 2. Stanley Convergent (BP2072) 3. TYCO Integrated Security (BP34) There are only 3 local CVSG listed central stations in Utah for Mercantile Burglar Alarm Systems. Safe, Vault, ATM or Night Depository. 1. Peak Alarm (BP8607-1) 2. Stanley Convergent Security Solutions (BP8367) 3. TYCO Integrated Security (BP8617)There are only two CRZM local listed central stations in Utah . This certificate is for Central Stations that have personnel trained and on duty to specifically handle signals covered under the CRZH listing that is above so the system is installed properly and then monitored by a certified company. It is best when the company has both certificates. 1. Avantguard (BP10390) 2. Peak Alarm ( BP20783)UL updates their records on an ongoing basis so be sure to verify on their web site. This information was as of 5/27/16. On the UL site go to online certifications directory at the bottom to find the companies in an area or state that hold certifications.