UL 2050 installations in Utah

Peak Alarm is certified to install UL 2050 installations for rooms and vaults. UL 2050 installations are for special secure facilities both private and Government.

Our UL 2050 installations don't look anything like this. I took this picture in Guatemala.

Peak Alarm has a A+ rating with www.BBB.org better business bureau.


Contact Larry Love 801 428 1384 for more information and pricing on these services. Peak Alarm is a Bosch and DMP dealer both of which meet the requirements of such installations.

Some of the installations practices for such installations are as follows:

1. Screw head cut off of the conduit piping 2. Balanced Magnetic Contacts on the doors. Normally these cost about $135+ each 3. Tamper switches installed in all the junction boxes 4. All devices in conduit 5. Motions in the room and above the ceilings 6. Tampers on the back of the security enclosures and inside the can as well. 7. Special attach resistant enclosure that cannot be pried open easily. 8. Optional weatherproof covers for keypads and cans 9. We recommend motions that have anti masking so if they are spray painted they go into trouble.

Peak Alarm is certified for these special UL 2050 installation and we also have a UL certified room and vault here at our facility and we can arrange to have you tour our facility if needed. Just call Larry Love for more information 801 428 1384 Larry@PeakAlarm.com