What sets Peak Alarm apart from all the others?

Peak Alarm does it all Ask for Larry Love

What sets Peak Alarm apart from all the rest of the alarm companies other than our 46+ years in business?

1. UL listed Central Station and UL2050 certified for High Security. Underwriters Laboratories UL is an independant testing organization that periodically tests Peak Alarm equipment, processes, random account check, generator test, receiver backup checks and much more.

2. UL requires Peak Alarm to be able to operate the entire central station on batteries for at least 4 hours in case we cannot get the backup generator going right away. We also have backup receivers for every type of receiver we have. UL also requires a man trap be in place and bullet proof glass. For our UL2050 accounts you cannot walk anywhere in the room or area more than 3 steps without getting caught and setting off an alarm. We install everything in conduit and grind off the screws. We install vibration sensors on the panel, tampers in the can and behind the main enclosure in case anyone tries to pry it off the wall. The standards for the UL2050 are very stringent.

3. Peak Central Station is also 5 Diamond Certified meaning every single dispatcher is 5 Diamond Certified and has gone through extensive training on how to handle emergency calls. Less than 7% of the 2700 UL listed Central Stations in the US are 5 Diamond Certified. Five Diamond requires ongoing training, Customer Service standards, false alarm dispatch prevention efforts & CSAA affiliated. We have the ability to transfer all of our accounts out of state to a sister company within seconds if there is a major issue here in Utah or at our location such as fire or other emergency.

4. We have over 170 years of experience in our service department. The tech with the least experience in our service department has 10 years here at Peak Alarm.

5. Peak Alarm has a full Guard and Patrol Division.

6. Peak Alarm has a full service AV Audio Visual Division (Ranked #18 in the country) See CE Pro Magazine.

7. Peak Alarm has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau see www.bbb.org check every company you get pricing from because some of our competitors have over 3000 complaints that have been filed against them in the last 3 years as compared to the 5 complaints that have been filed agaginst Peak Alarm in the last 3 years and all five have been resolved.

8. Peak Alarm has a CAD department to help you with your building drawings.

9. Peak Alarm is locally owned and operated and has 270 employees and five offices to serve you.

10. Peak Alarm does not sell cable TV, Telephone or entertainment packages nor do we keep you on hold or send you through a maze of telephone routes. When you call Peak we put you through to a live person as soon as possible. We encourage you not to use a company that is not an experienced Alarm company for your Alarms and Security. You would not use a plumber for your electric needs so why use a phone or cable company for your security.

Call Larry Love at the Salt Lake office to get pricing or more information (801) 428 1384 Larry@peakalarm.com