How much is security monitoring and installation with a professional company?

Get the same great service for monitoring but you will be even more secure

Get the same great service for monitoring but you will be even more secure


The following Security System Pricing is all figured using a 36 month agreement with Panel, Keypad, Battery, Siren, wireless receiver, 3 Door/Window Contacts and 1 motion detector:PEAKLINK OPTIONS USING CELLULAR (no phone line needed)

Package 1 - $149 installed and $35 per month (Includes cell service no extended warranty)

Package 2 - $149 installed and $44 per month (Includes control to arm and disarm using your smart phone "Elite" and a repair agreement.

Package 3 - $99 installed and $46 per month (includes elie control and a repair agreement which is an extended warranty - worry free)

Package 4 Advanced $399.00 installed and $54 per month with additional equipment: Includes: 3 Door Contacts, 1 Motion, 1 garage door contact to know if your door is open or closed, 1 garage door controller to close it remotely using your cell phone, Z wave module to turn light or appliance on or off, one deadbolt lock that can also be controlled from your cellular and one thermostat to remotely view and control the temperature in your home.3 Contacts 1 Motion 1 Thermostat 1 Deadbolt installed Z Wave module 1 Garage door position switch 1 Garage door controller installed Includes worry free repair agreement, Elite control with cellular and monitoring Add an indoor camera for $249 plus $10 per month (first 4 cameras) need 2.5mbps upload speed on your internet for each camera stream. Add an outdoor camera for $430 Add a door or window contact $70 Add a Smoke Detector or motion for $130Smoke Detector for the PeakLink has Freeze sensor, Smoke and Heat zones built in. When you add multiple items check with Larry and he will get you the best discount available.


Package A - If we tie your panel to an analog phone line the price will be $220 installation and $25 per month

Package B - If we tie your panel to an analog phone line the price will be $75 installation and $35 per monthNOTES: If your home is over 3500 square feet we should do a site visit to determine if a repeater would be needed or if it would be best to upgrade to a different product. We have entry level products that are great product but have less features than the more advanced packages. Example: The panel that we would use if you want to tie the system to just your phone line is a normal keypad but the PeakLink packages have touch screens and more features.

Package A and B only have one hardwired zone on board and on the PeakLink we have additional options. If we do a much larger project we would recommend DMP and Larry can help you each step of the way with your individual project whether it is a business or a residence. If you liven in Salt Lake where the Police do not respond we have a special deal where we only charge $10 per month with your monitoring and it includes up to 4 free alarm responses where we will send a Guard to your home.

If you pay $20 for Key service we can send a guard and they will enter your home to actually check inside. If the heater has gone off we can notify you so you can get it taken care of before the pipes freeze. That is why we recommend temperature sensors, smoke detectors and CO sensors to protect your property and the occupants.

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I have children that have IPHONES and they all paid different amounts for their phones because one wanted a lower monthly so they paid more for the phone upfront and I have one of the kids that did not want to pay much for the phone so they pay more monthly and they got the phone for much less than my other son.

It is the same with the security systems. Technology is advancing very fast and the products we offer are excellent and Peak Alarm is a great company. Peak Alarm 47+ years in businessPeak Alarm has an A+ with the Better Business Bureau with only one complaint filed in the the last 3 years. Peak is the only alarm company with Guard/Patrol, Their own Central station in Utah. Others hire one or both of these services to a 3rd party.