Security company licenses denied in Utah

Reputable Security Companies in Utah

The information from the list below was taken from the UTAH Division of Occupational Licensing DOPL on 6/1/16 so it is best to go directly to the web site for current information. DOPL Web site When you have any corrections or find that the data below does not match the DOPL web site please inform and he can edit the document to reflect the current DOPL web page.

Similar lists exist for all occupations and spending some time researching before deciding to work with a company can be a very prudent step before you invest with or hire a company that may not hold a current license, may have their license on administrative hold or may have had their license denied or revoked.

AAA Dependable Security Inc. Administrative Hold ABLE Security Administrative Hold Absolute Security and Investigation - DENIED ADVANTAGE SECURITY & INV Administrative Hold All American Security Corp Surrendered Alliant Security and investigation Administrative Hold American Facility Support Services REVOKED American Patriot Security INC REVOKED American Protective service Surrendered Andrews International Inc. Surrendered Baker Inv and Sec Serv Administrative Hold Bantek West Inc. DENIED Black Lake Patrol LLC Surrendered Black Ops Security Specialists DENIED Bonneville Security DENIED Burns International Security Service Corporation Surrendered Castle Country Security Administrative Hold Certified Security Services Administrative Hold Chapman Security and Investigations LLC Surrendered Chief Security Inc. DENIED Cognisa Security Inc. Surrendered Compliance International LLC DENIED Contract Facility Serv Administrative Hold Corporate Security Group Inc. Administrative Hold Davis security Inc. REVOKED Deer Valley Security Inc. Administrative Hold Defender Services Inc. DENIED Defender Services Inc. DENIED Double Eagle Security Administrative Hold Echelon Security DENIED Excelsior Security Administrative Hold FirstLine Surrendered FPK Security Inc DENIED Frontline Protective Services LLC DENIED Galleon Armored Car & SEC RENEWAL DENIED Garda CL Northwest Inc. DENIED - PHOENIX George Richard Johnson DENIED Hurricane Redevelop Agency Administrative Hold HY-TEK Security Services Moab Administrative Hold Integrity Int Sec Ser Inc Administrative Hold International Total Services Administrative Hold Iron Security Inc. REVOKED ISS Facility Services Surrendered J and J Security Administrative Hold JOB1USA INC Surrendered Justice Education Security A Professional Corporation DENIED KB Security Services Administrative Hold KG Security LLC Surrendered Knight Protective Service Administrative Hold Korr Protective Service Inc. Surrendered Lone Wolf security Inc. Surrendered Lowrey Jeremy M DENIED Jeremy Lowrey DENIED Mountain States Security Services Administrative Hold Mydatt Services Inc REVOKED NMS Security Services INACTIVE On-site Security Administrative Hold Ordonez Security Co Administrative Hold Pinkerton Security and Investigation Service SURRENDERED Protective Services Group, Inc. DENIED Quality Investigations, Inc. REVOKED Retailers Recourse and Recovery Administrative Hold Ridgeline Security and Protection Services Expired on Inactive Safe Home Security Alert Administrative Hold Salt Lake Protective Services REVOKED Salt Lake Valley Protective Agency DENIED Salt Lake Valley Protective REVOKED SECTEK INC. DENIED Secure Solutions Of Utah Surrendered Security Associates Administrative Hold Security Consultants Group Surrendered Security Management Corp Administrative Hold Sentinel Protection Group Inc. Surrendered Simon & Simon INvestigations DENIED SOS SEcurity Inc Surrendered - SOS Security of Utah LLC is Active Special Response Corporation DENIED STATEWIDE Patrol Agency LLC Surrendered Territory Regulators Inc. Surrendered Total Security Solutions of Utah Inc. REVOKED Tri West Detective & Security Administrative Hold Utah Maximum Security Corp Administrative Hold Utah Protective Agency LLC DENIED Utah Security Specialists L.C. Surrendered Varsity Contractors Inc. RENEWAL DENIED Venture Security Group LLC REVOKED Well Fargo Armored Administrative Hold Wes Intel Surrendered West Desert Security Inc. Surrendered Western Universal Security Administrative Hold Willis Security DENIED WSA SEcurity Inc. Surrendered

This is the list of SECURITY COMPANIES of Surrendered, Denied, Revoked and on Administrative Hold. The list of expired licenses is much larger. This is just the list for Security & Patrol companies with guards. The list for Burglar Alarm Companies is a different list. I encourage you to go to the DOPL web page and research each individual cases separately. Sometimes a company is on administrative hold for missing paperwork, lack of proof of insurance or other items that can be taken care of fairly quickly. Sometimes when there is disciplinary action there are additional steps required to maintain the licenses.

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