Security companies in Utah are not equal

You've heard that we should compare apples to apples rather than apples and oranges.

Company One - UL listed monitoring station - backup generators - extra personnel on duty - secure facility - backup equipment in case of failure Company two operating with one piece of equipment and no backup and one person in the facility. They they have a heart attack signals are not sent on to authorities. Company one - NO COMPLAINTS WITH THE BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU Many other companies - OVER 1000 COMPLAINTS two of our competitors have over 3000 complaints (ASK WHY) - Sure you will find complaints on the internet for any company although looking at the is important because they investigate both sides of the issues so a customer that knows they did not pay their bill and should have normally won't file a complaint but will complain online.Company one - Advertises with actual commercials and word of mouth advertising. Many other companies pay to be on a top ten alarm company list so when the internet pulls up results also check the Better Business Bureau not just a top internet list that is paid for. Company one in business since 1969 not using gimmicks of offering free equipment Many other companies giving free equipment out like candy - Often they go out of business in a few years.Company one puts together custom systems to meet your needs Other companies don't address individual needs as well because they are cookie cutter companiesCompany one has actual people that you can talk with and personal service Many other companies are very difficult to talk to after you have purchased the system and need anything else.

Peak Alarm - Larry Love (801) 428 1384 - 4 Offices (2 in Idaho and 2 in Utah) Local Company that employees 300 local individuals UL liSted Central Station with backup equipment and generators In Business Since 1969 Family Owned Many employees have been with the company for over 20 years Full Service Alarm Company Certified for UL2050 High Security as well as Bank Safe and Vault Installations Full Service AV Company Full Service Guard and Patrol Company Full Service Central Station LICENSED BY THE STATE OF UTAH EVERY EMPLOYEE PASSES FBI BACKGROUND CHECKS OR THEY DON'T WORK FOR PEAK Drug Testing Programs in place Full Service Commercial and Residential installations