Review of Peak Alarm in Salt Lake City Utah negative reviews

Peak Alarm review

Peak Alarm has had some positive and some negative reviews posted on the Internet. As with any large company (270 employees) you will end up with some negative comments from time to time.

I recently spoke with the President of Peak Alarm and the CEO of Peak Alarm and they assured me they take the negative comments posted seriously and strive to look for the best way to make positive changes to insure that every customer's experience is a good one.

Some concerning comments on Peak Alarm's billing practices were made and those comments were read and changes have been put in place to handle concerns in a reasonable fashion. Peak Alarm is a business and as such, bills for services and when a customer does not pay, the account managers try to call and send letters and if payment is not made, from time to time an account is sent to collections. Peak Alarm has changed the company it uses for collection to another company that provides a better service.

Peak Alarm had a complaint filed which said Peak Alarm broke the trust they had with the customer. According to NFPA 72 National Fire Alarm Code, IFC and R710 local code alarm companies are obligated to report Fire Alarm systems that are red tagged or a danger to public safety to the local AHJ Authority Having Jurisdiction (Fire Marshal) Each case is taken on a case by case basis and Peak Alarm strives to work with the customers to get their systems repaired but in cases where life safety is put in danger there is a legal obligation to report on non functional alarms. If the customer does not comply with the code any alarm company would be obligated to report such conditions. Each alarm company that is certified to install Fire Alarm Systems has to pass specific training and tests that encompass these aspects.

You will find that only 5 complaints have been issued against Peak Alarm through the Better Business Bureau in the last 4 years and 1 complaint in the last year has been filed.

Peak Alarm has been in business for 45 years and they are licensed, insured, factory trained and provide their employees with a great benefit package.

Peak Alarm is the only company of it's type that provides a full Alarm installation company, a Patrol and Guard division and a UL listed Central Station. Peak Alarm also has a full service AV division as well. Peak Alarm is certified to do UL 2050 installations as well.

Peak Alarm does both Commercial and Residential installations.

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Peak Alarm strives to improve their service every year through in house and formal training for employees and certifications.