Radion long range wireless integrates with BOSCH panels

Radion wireless equipment integrates into the Bosch panels through the SDI2 bus on the GV4 and B panels.

Bosch releases RADION premises wireless components

So the RADION wireless works on the SDI2 bus of GV4 and B-series. As does the ENKIT-SDI2 Inovonics kit.

Bosch is pleased to announce the immediate availability of several new RADION premises wireless devices for use with Bosch B Series Panels and GV4 Panels (with version 2.0 firmware).

Using 433MHz, RADION wireless provides superior range and long battery life for reliable operation. Installation and service are simple with the ability to enroll devices from a keypad or remote programming software (RPS), plus electronic wireless enrollment by device activation. Built-in diagnostics provide the ability to test signal strength locally at a system keypad and remotely using RPS.

The following components are available now:


RADION SDI2 Bus receiver for B Series and GV4 (V2.0)


RADION Surface Mount Door Window Contact


RADION Curtain Pet Friendly PIR Motion Detector


RADION Wide Angle Pet Friendly PIR Motion Detector


RADION Universal Transmitter


RADION two-button arm/disarm keyfob Call Larry Love at 801 898 6003