Quick responses from Peak Monitoring and Peak Security save lives

Francisco Meza from Peak Security was working a shift at Living Planet Aquarium on Saturday November 1st and his actions really highlighted the kind of above and beyond work we pride ourselves in. There was a massive windstorm that hit the area and forced everybody attending the Scales and Tails fundraiser to move inside. Everybody except Francisco that is, as he tried to secure some of the large free standing poles that were used to keep the tents and awnings up that would be used for this gala. Had Francisco not stepped in, some of these poles would have broken from their supports and these would have easily crashed through the glass causing major damage, but more importantly could have threatened the people who had already crowded inside. The phone calls we received thanking Peak Alarm, and Francisco, pointed out that his actions helped to save lives. He went above and beyond! Ana Franco with Peak Alarm also went above and beyond when she took charge of a gas alarm that came in to Central Station on October 31st at 4:00 am. Ana called the customer as we received a carbon monoxide alarm. She told the client that we received a gas alarm and wanted to know if we should send the fire department. The person on site declined, saying they were home and all was well. Ana could have left it at that, but instead she talked to BOTH husband and wife until she could convince them to allow us to send help if they weren’t sure. She made sure to emphasize the fact that we don’t know what the fire department charges to respond but no matter what the price, it would be worth it if there was a problem. We later found out that this act saved this family as there indeed was a leak in the house and the homeowners had no idea. They were unbelievably grateful for Ana and the rest of us and they told us that Peak Alarm saved their lives.

Our thoughts may be all over the place as the holidays approach, whether it be snowy roads, family at the house, what to do with pets and the cold, or if you are like me, most importantly, what is for lunch? But let’s make sure that our thoughts are with the people we are here to protect. It can happen at any moment and at any time, and we are in a unique position where everything we do can make a difference. Stay safe and keep vigilant! We each have a time to go above and beyond to help!

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