Prepare for your AHJ Fire Marshal Inspection

When water flows through the pipes this switch sends a signal to the fire panel

1. Unblock exits and clear anything stored in front of electrical panels, fire alarm panels and fire alarm sprinkler risers. (The risers are the large pipes where the water comes in the building for fire sprinklers) All wire under 7 feet needs to be protected and cannot be on the floor or unprotected.

2. Have your fire extinguishers inspected and tagged and make sure they are in the proper place and that you have enough of them.

3. Have your Annual fire alarm inspection done and the panel tagged. This is Utah state law and must be done at least once a year. Some insurance companies require you to follow more frequent testing. (See NFPA 72)

4. Have your fire sprinkler test done and the system tagged. This is a different test and a different tag although when the fire alarm is test they also test the flow and tamper and when the sprinkler test is done the alarm does go off but they are separate tests and separate tags.

5. Make sure your exit signs are in place

6. Make sure you have your MSDS book up to date. (Material Safety Data sheets that has all chemical listed on site)

7. Make sure any fuel that is stored is done so according to the regulations and in the proper quantities.

8. Test your elevator phone to make sure if someone gets stuck that they will be able to contact emergency services. If it does not work you can call your elevator company. When you change to digital lines sometimes this will affect the system that you have in your elevator. Peak Alarm only charges $15 per month to monitor your elevator phone.

9. Have your hoods inspected (both cooking and hoods instrumental in air exchange.)

This is not a complete list although it will be a great start as you prepare for your fire marshal visit.

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