PIV Post Indicator Valve Peak Alarm Utah

PIV or Post Indicator Valve. Post Indicator Valve

This valve shows whether the water is turned on or turned off for your fire sprinkler system. Many times there will be a lock on it and looking at it you should see the word OPEN on the front of the valve. This valve should be electronically tied to the fire alarm so it will go into supervisory to indicate when the water for the sprinkling system is turned off to the building.

It is very important that this valve not be left shut after maintenance is done otherwise the water for the fire sprinkler system won’t be available.

When the Central Station gets the supervisory alarm they will notify those on the call list to let them know the valve is shut. If you are going to be turning it off , call and put the system or just that point in test with dispatch and then call back when the test is done or the maintenance is finished.


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