PERS systems installed by Peak Alarm Utah Idaho

Trying to stay involved in community issues.

PERS - Personal Emergency Reporting System is a supervised wireless emergency reporting product primarily installed in residential applications. The table-top or wall mounted console that is monitored by our central station, provides pushbutton emergency assistance to anyone who desires additional security and peace of mind. PERS systems can also incorporate wireless transmitters worn by the resident. We also have waterproof units that can even be worn in the shower.

When your loved one wants to continue living alone in their home this is a wonderful option so you won't worry that they may have fallen and cannot get up.

Peak Alarm also has regular security systems that can have medical buttons programmed into the system so the system can act as both a PERS system and a security system and there is not an additional charge for adding the medical button to the monthly monitoring charge although there is a charge for the button itself.

Ask for Larry Love for PERS systems x384 (801) 428 1384 or cell phone (801) 898 6003

Peak Alarm has been in business for over 46 years and is the largest local company in Utah of it's type with a full service Guard and Patrol division, AV division, Alarm Division and a full service local UL listed Central Station.

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