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Peak Alarm just released it's new access control product line "PeakEdge" which makes purchasing access doors easy and affordable."

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Two doors of access control as low as $1,995 Installed and $30 per month for $36 months. This includes the 2 door controller, 1 IP POE Switch, 2 Proximity Card Readers, 2 Electric Door Strikes and 20 Access Cards or Fobs.

Another option is to Lease which would be as low as $499 Installed ant $80 per month for 36 months.

If you want maglocks instead of strikes simply at $349 to the install price and $5 to the monthly price

If you want to add maglocks to the lease instead of strikes add $100 to the install price and $10 per month to the monthly

To add Panic Compatible strikes add $349 to the install cost per strike and $5 to the monthly or $100 to the installation lease price and $10 per month.

Each package includes up to 100 feet of wire per door. Additional wire may increase the cost of the installation accordingly. Smart phone devices, tablets, wireless carrier plans, laptop and or desktop computers and internet access plans are not included.

If you need your door to unlock at specific times and stay unlocked then add $349 to the install price for each door you need to have function like this and $5 to the monthly price. If you don't add the continuous duty strike the regular ones will get hot and burn up.

Photo ID Cards: Setup fee is $100 and $10 each printed card with the company logo and for blank cards or fobs the prices is $25 for a package of $5

To add the camera companion to this package add $699 and $10 per month to the price or $199 and $30 per month for the lease option.

I can figure up a price without the monthly agreement but this special pricing will not apply in that case. Normally access control doors cost over $2000 per door installed. This system includes the labor and the hardware to make the system work. It does not however include conduit if required. I can come by and do a site visit for your facility and determine the best product line for your project based on your specific needs.

To add a door plan on $1,000 for installation costs and $15 additional for the monthly fee on top of the other costs. To add a door to a leased plan add $250 installation and $40 to the monthly plan.

To add a Video IP Intercom att $1,749 to the installation price and $25 per month or $899 installation and $45 per month for the lease option.

To add remote unlock add $249 to the installation cost and $2 to the monthly. (This includes the installation of the remote button to unlock the door. This normally is so a receptionist can remotely unlock a door.