Peak Alarm releasing a new product line for 2018


NEW RELEASE - Peak Alarm unveils a new product line for 2018. Contact Larry Love (801) 428 1384 for special pricing.

Decemeber 26, 2017 4:11PM The new PeakLink Product Line is incredibly powerful and good looking. Peak has been looking for the very best product line for home and small business encrypted security and now we have found it. 1. LTE / WIFI dual path commuications 2. S-Line 319.5 Encrypted connectivity 3. Built in ROUTER - secure private network 4. Built in Glass Break Sensor 5. Built in Panel Camera 5MP - takes disarm phontos and alarm videos 6. Optional bluetooth disarming 7. Z-Wave Plus for home automation 8. Software updates - future proof 9. Intuitive, upgradeable control panel 10. Add flood sensors, glass break sensors, motion sensors, temperature, smoke, CO and much more to this panel. 11. Geofencing 12. This product can expand to many more zones than our previous products and you can program in many more codes than before. 13. Quad-Core 400 Processor 14. Can be used as a picture frame for your digital pictures. 15. Smarthome automation technology 16. IQ Panel 2 is manufactured by QOLSYS

About Peak Alarm: In the industry since 1969 Peak Alarm is the only alarm company in Utah that has both a UL listed Local Central Station and a full service Guard/Patrol division. Peak Also has a full service AV Division. Peak Alarm is a leader in the commercial and residential markets but without the high pressure tactics that you may find elsewhere. Peak Alarm has top ratings with the Better Business Bureau Currently as of December 2017 Peak Alarm does not have any complaints filed against the company with the Better Business Bureau. Many of our competitors have a long list of complaints so always check the bbb web site before you do business with any company.

Peak understands that the future is here and this new product is reliable, easy to use and integrates with the service and our elite control. Larry Love at Peak Alarm is available to come to your home or place of business to discuss your needs and the product pricing.

Update: The Qolsys system has been improved upon and now has Power G built in so it can operate using two frequencies and the power g on the 900 mhz frequency. The information above has been added to and now the panel has four separate areas so the system can partition.

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