Occupancy classifications list from IFC International Fire Code simple

A = Assembly A-1 Assembly fixed seating A-2 Assembly intended for food and drink consumption A-3 Assembly intended for worship A-4 Assembly for sporting events A-5 Assembly for outdoor activities B = Business E = Educational F= Factory industrial F1= Factory moderate hazard occupancy F2 – Factory low hazard H= High hazard H1= Detonation hazard H2= Deflagration hazard – or hazard from accelerated burning H3 = Buildings that have material that readily support combustion H4 = Buildings that contain materials that can be a health hazard H5= Semiconductor facilities I = Institutional I-1= Facilities for people who are receiving care but are capable of self preservation I-2= Facilities for people who are not capable of self preservation I-3 =Correctional facilities I-4 = Daycare M= Mercantile (stores) R= Residential R1= Contains sleeping units where people are primarily transient (boarding houses, hotels, motels) R2= More than 2 dwelling units were the occupants are primarily permanent R3=Where occupants are primarily permanent and not R1,R2 or R4 F4=More than 5 and not more than 16 who reside on a 24 hour basis and capable of self preservation S= Storage S1= Storage – see list S2=Storage low hazard U = Not classified as any of the above


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