When do I have to monitor my Fire Sprinkler System?

When water flows through the pipes this switch sends a signal to the fire panel

Whenever the fire sprinkler system begins to flow water an electronic signal is sent to the fire alarm panel which in turn calls the dispatch center and the dispatch center sends the fire department out.

In the event that someone turns off the water a supervisory signal or trouble signal is sent to the fire panel and the panel notifies dispatch at the central station and they call the owner to let them know that the water has been shut off. This is a TAMPER signal. When you have over 20 sprinkler heads tied to your sprinkler system it is required to have the system monitored with a fire alarm panel that is connected to a UL listed central station.

There are only 3 UL listed central stations in Utah and Peak Alarm is the only UL listed central station in Salt Lake City. Our Central station is also 5 diamond certified. This means that our dispatchers have been certified to deal with calls in the best possible way prioritizing the signals and handling the stressful situations in the best way possible.

Peak Alarm will monitor your elevator phone for only $15 per month

We will monitor your fire alarm for as low as $26 dollars a month when your system is tied to a phone line.

When your Fire Alarm is connected to a high supervision cellular unit that sends signals ten times an hour or over 7200 times a month then the high supervision cellular charge is an additional $22 per month.

When we monitor your fire alarm with an AES Radio that is UL listed for Fire Alarm the monthly charges are only $15 per month

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Cross cut view of a flow switch

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